Project Description

Hefei Xinqiao International Airport

Client: Hefei Xinqiao International Airport

In 2020, Landrum & Brown teamed up with East China Institute won first place in the international solicitation for the Hefei Xinqiao International Airport T2 terminal building scheme project. Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province, is the sub-center of the world-class urban in the Yangtze River Delta and a node city of the “Belt and Road”. As an important part of the Yangtze River Delta airport group and an important expanded regional hub airport, the airport has further established Hefei’s national comprehensive transportation hub according to the national “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for the Development of Modern Comprehensive Transportation System” status. The airport T2 terminal building and terminal area planning and design project, mainly including the overall planning of the terminal area, the new T2 terminal building, the new comprehensive GCT, the T1 terminal building renovation, the new control tower, and other related projects, the total construction area about 800,000 square meters, to meet 40 million passenger demand in 2030.