Project Description

Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Client: Chicago Department of Aviation

L&B’s study involved the development and simulation of new security screening checkpoint (SSCP) arrangements for Terminal 5 (T5) at Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD). The new SSCP at T5 is designed to maximize concession revenue while maintaining a high level of service (LOS) when processing passengers.

At the start of the study, L&B administered field observations of current passenger activity at the SSCP aimed at understanding the behavior of passengers utilizing the existing facilities. Results were then used to calibrate the simulation model to depict these existing conditions as closely as possible yielding reliable results when applied to anticipated future demand.

A significant aspect of the study included the review of SSCP configurations proposed by others, as well as the development of other SSCP, and concession layouts focused on maintaining LOS while improving concession related revenues. The various plan configurations included utilizing the latest TSA standards and existing security screening equipment for seven lanes of passenger processing.

The operational assessment utilized computer simulation software (ARCport) to analyze the movement and LOS of passengers processing through the existing and preferred SSCP configuration, as well as analyzing different impacts that changes in TSA staffing will have on passenger throughput, queue lengths, and wait times.