Project Description

Nanchang Changbei International Airport

Client: Nanchang Changbei International Airport

In 2019, Landrum & Brown participated in the Nanchang Changbei International Airport Terminal Area planning the consulting project. Nanchang Airport plans to have four parallel runways, to serve 80 million passengers in the future. Prior to the Phase III expansion project, L&B analysis the airport’s current conditions and the problems and difficulties that may arise in the future expansion and conduct targeted technical analysis. At the same time, based on the planning and design experience of large-scale airports worldwide, L&B has provided practical planning schemes and technical implementation paths and provided expert advice and technical support for the airport master planning and feasibility of the phase III expansion project.

The main tasks of this project include:

  1. The current operation bottleneck analysis. Investigate the facilities in the existing terminal area (terminal building, landside traffic, airfield apron, etc.), sort out the problems and bottlenecks existing in its operation and development, and put forward consulting suggestions.
  2. Master Plan Evaluating. Evaluate the revision of the master plan, provide consulting support, and enhance the depth and operability of the master plan. Focus on evaluating the terminal area planning, mainly including the design capacity and the terminal building scale /terminal configuration combination/contact gate layout/passenger facility forecast/construction phase flexibility/international and domestic function allocation/ airline capacity demand allocation/ passenger flow convenience, etc.
  3. Capacity analysis. According to the airport’s own operating characteristics, providing evaluation and analysis for the domestic and international service capabilities of the terminal area based on the existing T1/T2 terminal functional facilities, also reviewing and analyzing demand forecast of the master plan.
  4. Terminal concept planning. A multi-terminal configuration comparison for the near- and long-term.
  5. GTC concept planning. Focus on how to form an integrated comprehensive transportation hub for the airport, study the rail transit introduction mode, analysis the compatibility between the short-term and long-term development of GTC and the terminal building phasing.
  6. International and domestic function allocation studying. Based on the existing terminal facilities capacity analysis and the terminal area planning scheme study, combining the airport airside and landside facilities planning, considering the development flexibility and feasibility, the allocation modes and development strategy of the airport’s international and domestic functions at various phases in multiple terminal systems were studied
  7. Construction phase time sequence analysis. Providing reasonable recommendations for the T2 reconstruction and expansion timing and T3 new projects.

In 2020, the team formed by L&B, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Tongcheng Fanhua participated in the international solicitation of Nanchang Changbei International Airport terminal area conceptual planning and T3 terminal building architectural design. This Tender has included conceptual planning and architectural design for the T3 terminal building and integrated transport hub. The difficulty of this project was how to rationally balance airside and landside layout in the limited terminal area and landside land use. L&B team proposed the integrated design scheme of the terminal area not only provides a better experience for passengers but also greatly enhances the land use and development value of the terminal area.