Terminal Planning & Design

Seamless integration between strategic intent and realization.

Our terminal planning and design solutions focus on the airport user – operator, airline or passenger. We develop creative solutions based on a thorough understanding of user needs and functional purpose. Project outcomes are based on both analytical and qualitative inputs.

These optimal outcomes encompass capital and operational efficiencies, superior levels of passenger service and experience, maximization of commercial revenue opportunities, and integration of terminal with both landside and airside.

From terminal planning to terminal design, L&B provides continuity from the planning process through design expression, identity, passenger experience and overall performance that informs airport terminal design.

Our planning and design team comprises architects and design professionals experienced in delivering specialized human and operational environments derived from a methodology of technical, environmental and cultural explorations.

Terminal Planning & Design Services

  • Architectural Theming
  • Gating
  • Interior Design
  • Intermodal Planning
  • Passenger Simulation
  • Security Plans
  • Space Planning & Programming
  • Terminal Design
  • Terminal Layout Plans
  • Wayfinding

Terminal Planning & Design Projects