Project Description

Al Maktoum International Airport

Client: Al Maktoum International Airport

Following completion of the Preliminary Master Plan for the development of the new Al Maktoum International Airport (AMIA) Dubai World Central, L&B was commissioned through our partners Dar Al – Handasah to undertake the Advanced Planning for AMIA.

Advanced Planning aims to refine the plan, seek stakeholder input and acceptance of the outputs. This analysis will eventually include simulation of the passenger terminals, transportation networks and airfield/airspace operations to optimize the airport layout plan.

Assignments thus far completed are:

  • Assemble Data Package/Stakeholder Review – Capturing accurate information about key stakeholder operating assumptions for airside, terminal and landside operations.
  • Demand Forecasting for both the existing Dubai International Airport and the proposed AMIA.
  • Prepare Passenger Terminal Area Plan – Investigated and evaluated alternative terminal footprint configurations to select a preferred terminal area plan.
  • Development of Revised Airfield Plan – Investigated that up-scaled forecast demand and optimal terminal configurations can be accommodated, including optimum midfield areas.
  • Established landside, rail interface, terminal, apron and airside support facilities for 160 million annual passenger demand.
  • Options for ultimate runway configuration were prepared and evaluated. The assessment considered appropriate runway spacing to achieve capacity requirements and to allow flexibility for maximum independent approach capability.
  • Airport Entrance City Market and Benchmark Analysis – Market analysis of potential commercial uses was undertaken for the Airport Entrance Cities.
  • Airport Support Facilities Design Criteria – A detailed assessment of facility requirements for both airside and landside support facilities associated with efficient airport operations was prepared. Building and land area requirements were analysed and operational requirements, defined.

Photography: DigitalGlobe, CNES / Airbus via Google Earth