Project Description

Xining Caojiapu International Airport

Client: Xining Caojiapu International Airport

In 2017, Landrum & Brown team won the tender for the Xining Airport Phase III T3 terminal building design Project proposal. Because of height difference within the tight land area is extremely large, this T3 terminal project is extremely difficult. It also needs to comprehensively arrange functions such as apron, terminal building, comprehensive transfer distribution centers, railway stations, and urban new district squares to meet the needs of the airport’s demand for passenger throughput of 21 million in 2030 and 45 million in 2045. With the rich experience in planning and design of a series of comprehensive aviation hubs including Shanghai Hongqiao Hub, L&B has provided advanced planning, scientific layout, aviation comprehensive integration, road transportation, and high-speed rail, to build a modern large-scale comprehensive collection and transportation system

After winning the bid, L&B took the lead to complete the following tasks such as terminal area development model optimization, terminal building scheme In-depth design, apron layout adjustment, GTC functional layout, and transfer lines process, landside traffic procedures and adjustment, railway station, and rail transit reserved planning, etc. The conceptual design project for the airport’s west terminal was also launched immediately as part of the master deepening process. The integrated transportation hub design has truly been achieved, helping Xining Caojiabao International Airport to build a regional hub airport on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and an important focus airport on the Silk Road, creating a “plateau gateway hub”.

Other related studies include:

  • T3 Terminal Passenger Flow Simulation
  • Landside Traffic Simulation