Project Description

Juanda International Airport

Client: Angkasa Pura I

Located in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second largest city, Juanda International Airport currently handles over 17.3 million passengers and 128,100 ATM’s. The aviation forecast determined by L&B concluded that by 2044 the airport would handle 73 million annual passengers and 453,000 ATM’s.

L&B was the lead airport planning organization studying the aviation demand forecast, airport demand/capacity analysis, airport and support facility requirements, airport concepts development and evaluation/selection, airport phasing programme, financial feasibility analysis and preliminary design.

The results of the demand/capacity study identified the requirement for two new runways including a portion to be developed on 626 hectares of reclaimed land. The study also identified the requirements for a new passenger terminal, access roads, and airport ancillary and support facilities.

The existing single runway at the airport is shared with the Indonesian military creating operational delays during military flight operations. Once completed all civil aviation facilities and functions would be relocated to the new airport development area allowing the Indonesia military to retain the existing facilities.