Project Description

Harbin Taiping International Airport

Client: Harbin Taiping International Airport

In 2020, Landrum & Brown team up with Beijing Jinhangcheng Planning and Design Co., Ltd. won first place in the technical consulting service project for Harbin International Aviation Hub construction and implementation and Taiping International Airport Phase II Expansion Project. the Harbin Taiping Airport is located at the center of Northeast Asia and is positioned as an “international aviation hub that radiates Northeast Asia and connects Europe and the United States”. This project was based on short-term 65 million passenger demand in 2030, long term 100 million passenger demand in 2050. This project has covered from the master plan update to the feasibility study report approval. Covering consulting for the master plan, pre-feasibility study, feasibility study, “four-type airport” achievement, etc. L&B was mainly led for the terminal area planning at each phase including the terminal building, GTC-related processing, Terminal curbside Planning, the airport simulation third-party evaluation, and consulting. Collect the most cutting-edge international and domestic airport construction-related information and materials for the owner.