Project Description

Sustainability Planning

Client: Chicago Department of Aviation

L&B led the team that developed the Chicago Department of Aviation’s Sustainable Airport Manual (SAM). With SAM celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2019, L&B kept the manual up-to-date; provided implementation support to the CDA and its tenants, concessionaires, and stakeholders; and led the major update in 2020 to focus on sustainability guidance for terminals and occupied spaces.

SAM is LEED®-based airport sustainability requirements for all planning, design/construction, & operations/maintenance projects and activities, under the following key categories:

    • Green Procurement
    • Green Products
    • Energy Optimization
    • Waste Management, Reduction, and Recycling
    • Indoor Environmental Quality
    • Transportation & Fleet Management
  • Materials and Resources
  • Water Efficiency and Management
  • Sustainable Sites
  • Construction Practices
  • Education & Training
  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • Regional Priority
  • Innovations

SAM is the industry’s first airport-focused sustainability guidelines, and includes the first sustainability certification/rating system for airport projects. SAM is contractually required and is integrated into the CDA’s Master Specifications. L&B has over 15 years of implementation experience and has been responsible for ongoing updates with input from Key Stakeholders.

The development of SAM was the foundation for the CDA’s Sustainability Program, which features many innovations and industry-firsts. L&B is proud to have assisted the CDA with development and implementation of such ground-breaking initiatives.

  • 300+ Green Airplane Certifications in accordance with SAM Guidance
  • Green Concessions Policy development & implementation; and tenant outreach support
  • Energy Efficiency Grants and Incentives
  • Solar PV Field Feasibility Study & RFP development
  • 1st permanent airport Grazing Herd – RFP development and ongoing contract management
  • Most Green Roofs at an Airport (17 at O’Hare)
  • 1st FAA ATCTs with Green Roofs
  • 1st Apiary at US Airport
  • 450+ acres of Wetland Mitigation
  • Terminal Area Program (TAP) Sustainability Vision & Goals
  • Airports Going Green conference development and implementation support
    • Founded to 2007 to showcase airport sustainability innovations
    • Annual Award Program
    • 60+ airports attended in 2022