Project Description

Chicago Department of Aviation

Client: Chicago Department of Aviation

Since 2003, L&B has provided Sustainability Planning and Implementation services to the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) for both O’Hare and Midway International Airports. Major efforts include the following:

  • Sustainable Airport Manual (SAM) Development and Implementation – L&B led the development of the Sustainable Airport Manual (SAM) in 2009, as well as its predecessor, the Sustainable Design Manual (SDM) in 2003. The SAM provides detailed guidance for the integration of airport-specific sustainable planning and practices early in the design process, through construction, operations, maintenance, and all airport functions with minimal impact to schedule or budget;
  • SAM Sustainable Review Panel (SRP) – L&B is represented on the CDA’s Sustainable Review Panel (SRP), a committee that administers the SAM (see previous bullet) and is chiefly responsible for reviewing projects with respect to sustainable design and providing technical support to managers to ensure the implementation of sustainable practices that are appropriate for each project phase, as well as reviewing every design, construction, operations/maintenance, and tenant concessions project for the purposes of awarding CDA “Green Airplane Certification” ratings based on the extent of incorporation of sustainable practices into airport projects;  To date, over 280 projects have been reviewed;
  • Sustainability Plan Development – L&B assisted the CDA in developing its 2012 Sustainability Plan for both O’Hare and Midway International Airports, which documents achievable, short-term, quick, and measurable benefits in environmental quality and energy savings and strengthens relationships with neighbouring communities, as well as long-term strategies to continue environmental benefits.
  • Green Concessions Policy Development and Implementation – L&B assisted the CDA in developing its Green Concessions Policy in 2013, and continues to assist with ongoing implementation, training and tracking for Concessionaires. The Green Concessions Policy is the first of its kind at an Airport and is the face of CDA’s sustainability initiatives for the traveling public.

Elements of the policy include:

  • Elimination of all styrofoam
  • Elimination of plastic bags, containers, and utensils
  • Separation of all solid waste into recyclables, compost, and refuse
  • Donation of surplus food
  • Incorporate SAM and achieve a ‘Green Airplane Rating’

Photography: Landsat / Copernicus, NOAA via Google Earth