Project Description

Abu Dhabi International Airport

Client: Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC)

L&B was appointed to provide a study on the smooth and direct connection between the existing south-side of the Abu Dhabi International Airport to the new midfield precinct.

The study concluded that this would be accomplished with an airside Ground Service Equipment (GSE)/service road network and the service road will be used for a variety of ground service equipment, including cargo and baggage carts, operations vehicles, fuelling vehicles and passenger buses to provide service between the south terminals, the new midfield terminal, and the east service area.

L&B’s thorough evaluation of pros and cons of a surface route around the end of the runway versus a tunnel route under the primary runway, with consideration of planning and operational issues, included:

  • Construction cost impacts
  • Travel time between terminals and support functions
  • Fuel cost and other operating expenses for each vehicle
  • Speed of vehicles/volume of vehicles by type/destination
  • Impacts during construction under/around the runway
  • Optimal alignment of service road/tunnel
  • Operational flexibility for transfer passengers
  • Construction techniques (cut & cover versus boring) and duration

A comprehensive evaluation of the options included the calculation of financial metrics such as net present value. Based on the results of this study and the recommendation of the planning team, ADAC chose to defer construction of the tunnel and to provide an efficient connection with a west-side surface GSE road. This study was used to obtain the support of the airlines and the airport operator.