Project Description

Dubai International Airport

Client: Dubai Airports Engineering Projects

L&B is involved in an AirTOp simulation study to assess the traffic demand and to investigate all possible means to maximize capacity of Dubai International Airport (DXB) in order to cope with the aggressive growth of the aviation sector in Dubai resulting from the success of Emirates Airlines and their ambitious fleet acquisition plans.

Unless some capacity enhancement measures are undertaken, there is a real risk that DXB will not be able to accommodate the projected number of daily operations without exceeding the delay threshold. The airport may also lose the ability to recover quickly from periods of high delay.

L&B identified several airfield improvements and new terminal allocation schemes to maximize airfield and gate capacity and minimize delays. AirTOp simulation models were developed to ascertain the impact of these changes on the airfield. The main focus of this simulation study is to:

  1. Quantify delays and through-put rates at DXB with future design day flight schedules
  2. Quantify benefits of proposed airfield improvements and terminal allocations schemes
  3. Confirm that proposed terminal allocation schemes are compatible with the airfield and will not cause additional delays

The final goal of this study is to advise the client on the required infrastructure improvements to prolong the life-span of DXB ahead of the delivery of the new Dubai Al-Maktoum International Airport.