Project Description

Xiamen Xiang’an International Airport

Client: Xiamen Xiang’an International Airport

In 2014, Landrum & Brown was retained to provide multiple consulting services on the new airport master plan. The project scopes included planning for airfield, cargo, aircraft maintenance, Air Catering, FBO, terminal area refinement, and landside access.  The study effort produced planning technical tender requirements for the followed international competition on terminal concept design. it also provided consulting service on the selected terminal scheme refinement as well as landside transportation planning.

In 2016, L&B was awarded the contract from Xiamen Airport group to conduct a detailed assessment of the proposed terminal at Xiamen’s new Xiangan Airport. This study utilized stochastic simulation software, ArcPORT, by mimicking future passenger behaviors and movements within the built environment, to analyze designed capacity and Level of Service (LOS) at various terminal areas and processing facilities. The study results provided a scientific basis for optimizing the layout of the terminal building and improving the service level of the airport.

From 2019 to 2021, L&B completed multiple tasks study on the new Xiangan airport, the main tasks include aviation forecasting, terminal building scheme refinement, airfield plan refinement, cargo area plan refinement, maintenance area planning, baggage system study, landside traffic review, etc. The analysis results provided help the airport have an in-depth understanding of the master plan and preliminary design of the new Airport, and to provide a scientific basis and technical reference for decision-makers and owners to formulate the new airport development plans in the future.

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