Project Description

Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport

Client: Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport

Landrum & Brown participated in and completed the “Qingdao New Airport long-term Land Planning Study” in 2017. L&B conducted an in-depth study on the site conditions for the new airport, benchmarking large-scale airports worldwide, and proposed the multi-runway configuration and construction phase plan for Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport. This study has played a vital role in the airport’s long-term development and effective land resource use.

In 2018, L&B won the bid for the Jiaodong International Airport Noise Detective System Consulting Project. The main tasks of this project include: Through analyzing the current noise situation to forecast the future noise level and establishing the noise detective system design plan. Establish noise monitoring system framework and system requirements; Prepare system procurement tender documents; Assist the airport in equipment bidding and contract negotiation; Assist the airport in system installation completing and acceptance. This project has helped the airport build a scientific and effective noise detective system and aircraft noise trajectory tracking system and provide a scientific basis for airport noise control.

In 2020, the L&B project team completed Jiaodong airport planning phase II preliminary work. Based on the existing master plan, L&B had analyzed the different runway/taxiway system configurations’ impact on the airport capacity, and also conducted an in-depth study on the terminal area development direction and the terminal building configuration. Through the comparison of different schemes and final recommended terminal area plan layout was selected along with corresponding freight, maintenance, and work area layout plan proposed as well. Such work results have provided the scientific basis and technical reference for the airport phase II planning selection.

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  • Operational Simulation (Airfield, Terminal, Landside)
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