Project Description

Fuzhou Changle International Airport

Client: Fuzhou Changle International Airport

Landrum & Brown has been serving Fuzhou Changle International Airport since 2011, by participating in the Fuzhou Airport Comprehensive Transportation Hub and Landside Planning Project. In this project, L&B completed the Airport Comprehensive Transportation Hub location and planning target analysis, aviation traffic forecast and facilities evaluation, scheme comparison, short-term and long-term recommended schemes, commercial development planning, and analysis of other alternative schemes and systems. The recommended comprehensive transportation hub plan not only achieves the rapid collection and evacuation of various transportation modes, transfer passenger conveniences, and complete functional services, but also has the airport as the core center, highlighting the passenger flow; operation-oriented, considering the independence of different owners for facility management; with airport revenue as the foothold, develop operability projects to balance investment and operating costs; installment Implementation, advantages, and characteristics of rolling development.

Prior to the airport Phase II expansion, L&B mainly completed the demand forecast review and gate requirements review, the type and location analysis for  Rapid Taxiways,  Vertical Taxiways and Parallel taxiways of the Airside, the influencing factors of the apron control tower analysis, the terminal area and the freight area development analysis. In addition, recommendation advice was also provided regarding such as runway location, spacing between T1 and T2, terminal area planning, and integrated transportation hub design. The second task was to sort out the T2 terminal building planning and design conditions before the tender and to provide technical support for T2 terminal Phase II solicitation.

In 2020, L&B won the tender for the Fuzhou Airport Phase II expansion plan and design consult project. The project includes airside apron layout plan and design consultation, T2, GTC functional layout, and passenger flow research and design. The project is currently in progress.

Other related studies include:

  • T2 Terminal solicitation
  • Airfield Simulation