Project Description

Beijing Daxing International Airport

Client: Beijing Daxing International Airport

Under the U.S. – China Aviation Cooperation Program (ACP), the Beijing 2nd Airport Runway Alignment Analysis Technical Assistance Project was funded by USTDA and approved by China and U.S. government in the 20th JCCT Conference in October 2009. Landrum & Brown led a team of US experts including Jeppesen Sanderson and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the conduct of this project.

 This Beijing 2nd Airport runway configuration and capacity study project was extremely innovative and challenging. It was necessary to focus on the proposed runway configuration analysis to determine runway capacity and delay level to ensure that the optional scheme can meet the requirements of the CAAC for future civil aviation forecast demand. L&B fully utilized the cutting-edge international aviation planning and design concepts, successfully assisted the Capital Airport Group Company and the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) in creating a more complete Project Definition for Beijing 2nd Airport, and supported policy decisions regarding site sizing and capital investment in this near-term infrastructure development.

During the process of this project, the project team composed of China and the United States experts conducted in-depth study and analysis of a series of topics, such as benchmarking of world-class airports including ORD, DEN, ATL, DFW, and LHR, etc. with a focus on airport runway configuration and operation mode, airspace structure and flight procedures, and operation simulation analysis, to provide strong technical support for Beijing 2nd Airport runway configuration planning.

The outcomes from this project assisted the selection of runway alignment of the Beijing 2nd Airport and preparation of the program feasibility study and enable the CAAC to finalize their project definition so that the project can progress from advanced planning to conceptual design.

 Other related studies include:

  • Benchmarking of World Class Airports
  • Runway Layout Concept Development and Refinement, Runway Layout Concept Operational Characteristics Study
  • Airfield Capacity Assessment
  • TAAM Simulation Analysis and Variable Analysis