Project Description

Wuhan Tianhe International Airport

Client: Wuhan Tianhe International Airport

Commissioned by the Wuhan Airport Phase III Project Expansion Headquarter, Landrum & Brown and Zhongnan Institute carried out the “Wuhan Tianhe International Airport Landside Parking and Traffic Route Research” consulting project. The main tasks include the landside parking demand and operation process mode study and analysis for short-term, mid-term, and long-term, and provide corresponding facility renovation/increase and operation management suggestions, aiming to play an effective guiding and reference role for the phase III construction and its post-operational implementation.

Based on the airport’s forecasted demand of near-term 35 million in 2020, mid-term 59 million in 2030, and long-term 70 million passengers in 2040, By benchmarking the large domestic airports landside parking facilities layout and scale, the L&B team analyzed and estimated and proposed the planning scheme to meet the airport landside parking needs, mainly include: near and far taxi parking lots planning, GTC renovation plan, T4 parking lot design plan adjustment, the airport peripheral remote parking lot construction plan, T2/T4 parking lot r renovation and expansion plan, etc.

The project team provided reasonable recommendations on the short-term and long-term traffic routes and traffic facilities managing, to improve the airport’s service level and operation efficiency, and achieve a win-win situation for the airport’s social and economic benefits.