Project Description

San Francisco International Airport

Client: San Francisco International Airport

L&B provided aviation planning support and technical expertise for various design-build project efforts at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). 

L&B led a project effort for the redevelopment of three aircraft parking positions as part of the Terminal 3 East (T3E) expansion effort. The T3E expansion into the ramp area affected existing frontage gate aircraft parking positions that resulted in the need to redevelop the aircraft parking positions to accommodate the required aircraft fleet mix for United Airlines at SFO.

L&B was tasked with the designing three aircraft parking gates that could accommodate a narrowbody aircraft fleet mix. As part of the design of the three gates, L&B evaluated various aircraft equipment types, designed new lead-in/stop bar markings, identified optimal fuel hydrant locations, ensured compatibility with fire suppression requirements, vehicle service road geometry and ground service equipment maneuvering/staging. The three aircraft parking positions officially opened for service in November 2015 and are currently occupied by United Airlines.