Project Description

Sustainability Plan for the New Airport

Client: Autoridad Aeropuertia de Guayaquil and USTDA

L&B is leading a team in the development of a Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Plan for the New Guayaquil International Airport (GYE), Ecuador that will complement the existing Airport Master Plan for te development of the new airport. The major tasks include identifying and recommending key sustainable areas for the design, construction, and operation of the new airport that will allow the following to be achieved within GYE’s unique operating environment.

  • Optimize energy efficiency
  • Integrate renewable energy sources
  • Reduce emissions and air quality impacts
  • Improve waste management and recycling processes
  • Reduce water consumption, conserving water quality
  • Improve airport connectivity and transportation links
  • Integrate smart airport technologies
  • Enhance the human experience for passengers and employees