Project Description

Denver International Airport

Client: Parsons and City and County of Denver Department of Aviation

L&B assisted the Department of Aviation prepare an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the South Terminal Redevelopment Program at Denver International Airport. Elements of the Proposed Action included the construction of a 500-room hotel and conference center providing lodging accommodations, meeting space and other facilities for air travelers, tourists, business visitors and the community.

The Proposed Action also included an RTD FasTracks commuter rail station allowing for the intermodal (from train to airplane) transfer of passengers, employees, vendors and other visitors from Denver Union Station to Jeppesen Terminal.

The South Terminal Redevelopment Program benefits airport patrons and employees by improving customer service, increasing non-airline revenue, providing a reliable and convenient transportation connection for passengers and employees and creating jobs. When combined with RTD’s FasTracks East Corridor rail line project, this allows for efficient transport between the airport and downtown Denver. The on-airport hotel and its new business opportunities increased permanent employment and boosted the region’s economy.

Due to the City and County of Denver’s tight timeframe to proceed with construction activities, the EA investigated all of the required environmental resource categories to determine the beneficial and adverse impacts resulting from the L&B Proposed Project.

The FAA determined that no significant impacts would occur with the implementation of wetland mitigation through the purchase of mitigation credits and the application of construction mitigation measures that were included as “standard practices” in the project specifications.

L&B was successful at assisting the City and County of Denver Department of Aviation prepare the required NEPA documentation and coordination so the overall schedule could be kept. L&B was also a sub consultant to Parsons on this project and worked with Brown and Caldwell on wetland issues.